27 April, 2015

New Shipping Container

Today I went shopping with my husband. We bought a new shipping container on special!

It is one of the many details necessary to nail down as we transition back to Japan for another three years. We've previously stored our household goods in the house of a relative, but have decided to make a change because the house owners aren't sure about how much longer they will stay in that house.

Most of the furniture we're using this home assignment is borrowed, so we won't be storing that. Most of the electrical appliances are also borrowed or we will sell them. Pretty much all the toys we have will be too young for our kids next time, so we'll give them away. 

A friend has volunteered to store more precious items, like photos, at her house. So we're left with things like kitchen stuff, memorabilia, a few pretty things, and functional things like bins, dish racks, step ladder etc.

I've never heard of 6', 8', and 10' containers, but we saw some this morning. Here is a video of an 8' container, the size we've bought (ours is off-white, though). They're just a little bit cute.
A relative of a friend has offered to have it on her grandparent's farm. So we'll see how that goes. It should be in place next week and we can then work on filling it up. Hopefully it will be big enough, but my husband's superpower is packing. He's confident, so I'm relying on his skills.


Anonymous said...

Love it. Another prayer faithfully answered.

Wendy said...

Indeed Rachel. Last only the day before I wrote this post we were still not sure how it would all pan out, but as of last night we've got a plan: it's being delivered on Monday to the farm of in-laws of a really good friend. Amazing.

Refugia Stein said...

Those smaller shipping containers are amazing. You can definitely get most of your money back on them if you decide to sell once you don't need them anymore, and you can use them for really cool projects like a home office or a garden shed if you like, too. You can't lose really. Thank you for sharing this.