13 April, 2015

I'm back...sort of

Someone noted that it's been quiet around here the last week. I'm glad she noticed. I haven't stopped blogging, just took a break to go away with my family for nine days. Combination family-holiday-meet people-deputation break. 

But now we're home again. I'm hoping to blog properly again from tomorrow. Nine days away, talking to people and thinking, gives me plenty to write about. But for now, some photos from our time away. 

Sunset at our campsite.
Cania Dam. We paddled a few k's on this.
Early morning mist disappearing.
A little further back of the same scene.
We didn't just camp, but they are mainly the photos I have.
We did see this beautiful rainbow as we drove home.


Jamie Matsuoka said...

Hi Wendy! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!
Koji started at CAJ two weeks ago, then just last night, quite out of nowhere he said, "when are J and C (referring to your sons) coming back?". Thought they'd like to know they are missed!!

Wendy said...

Great to hear from you Jamie! D said, "Koji...?" J remembers him, though. Is he in gr 4 or 5? We'll be back in early July, ready for school in August.