25 April, 2015

More answered prayer

I've been metaphorically holding my breath during this last week. The first week, indeed month of school Jan/Feb were so challenging this year that I dreaded the start-up blues happening again after two weeks of holidays.

However my worry was unfounded. They've had a great start, all of them.

But backing up a little, I wrote in late February a little about our struggles with one of our boys. At that time I wrote: 
This Saturday it's only four months till we go back to Japan. And at times we're wondering how we're going to make it through the four months. My husband says, "One day at a time." I say, "And on the prayers of others." So I've confided more of the details to a few close friends and am relying on their prayers.

And looking forward to seeing the answer to those prayers!

It would be remiss of me to not acknowledge that we're seeing answered prayer. The particular boy I wrote about that day is coping better with everyday life and school. Praise God!

With only nine weeks and one day left of this chapter in Australia, we're very conscious that Japan is close. It comes the time of increasingly mixed feelings (just like this time last year when we faced coming back to Australia). We're dealing with a lot of details, both sides of the ocean and actual flights, so in many ways we're busy with practical details that keep us anchored. It's a blessing to have things to keep us busy.

However it doesn't stop the flights of thought: "Oh, I can't wait till I get back to my grapefruit spoon in Japan." Yes, I did actually say that this morning. I've heard the boys talking similarly.

But back to the details: this afternoon I'm working again on my cross-stitch. I'm nearly done, nearly able to take it to the framer, and get them to do their amazing stuff! But I need to get back to finishing it off, another of my goals for this home assignment.

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