31 March, 2015

Easter holidays

 My birthday is on Good Friday. There's been various plans made for that day over the last three months. Finally something is sorted. 

But when I was told someone about what we'd be doing the days after Friday, they recoiled a little. I honestly didn't think it was that bad, but compared to a family who only goes away once or twice a year and has never moved overseas, I guess it might look horrendous. That hasn't been the only person who's commented, so I've rethought. Perhaps we have planned quite a lot for our Easter holidays! 

This is where we're going camping, near Cania Dam.
 We camped there in September last year too. Very much
looking forward to spending time here again.
But again, our context is that we've only got 12 months to spend time with people, especially family. We need to push ourselves a little beyond what is comfortable in order to manage it all, especially given our families are spread out across the state, so that it would take 10 hrs constant driving to visit them all.

8.30 church
Family fun at a lake about an hour from here with other families from church.
Drive to Toowoomba (another 1h 45 minutes) to stay with my parents.

Saturday to Monday
Catching up with a few friends.
Our eldest will go to Easterfest on Saturday with friends.

Drive four hours north to go camping till Friday with some of David's family. We probably won't see most of them again for three years.

Drive three hours out to the coast to stay with friends and supporters over night.

Drive three hours south, stopping for the night with supporters.

Drive an hour to speak at a church on Bribie Is. followed by lunch with an OMF Prayer group.
Drive three hours home.

Monday to Thursday
Hang out at home (David has to work Tue-Thu).

Friday to Sunday
We split up. David and Callum go to Canberra for National Titles in wrestling and Wendy stays home with the other two.

Here ends our 17 day school holidays. Back to school for all.

Yes, perhaps a little crazy, but not too bad.

I'm so thankful, though, that we have the opportunity to be at home this year, even though it has been busy. Many of our friends in Japan don't get that chance.

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