05 March, 2015

This weekend's adventure promises surprises

Today we're flying to Canberra and tomorrow evening we'll drive to the camp of one of our supporting churches from Canberra. The camp is at Jindabyne, one of the highest settlements in Australia (just under 1000m above sea level) and a service town for ski resorts like Thredbo and Perisher in winter. 

It's just into March, therefore past the peak of summer, theoretically, though you wouldn't know it by today's 40 degree C forecast for Brisbane. But it looks like they know about autumn in Jindabyne, today's forecast is 6 to -3C! I've been trying to think of how cold I felt at the Youth Group's ice skating on Friday so that I can actually pack appropriately.

Tomorrow, before we drive south, we'll visit two families who support us. It looks like we'll have a bit of time to do visit something like the National Science and Technology Centre too (Questacon). This is the fourth time we've visited Canberra since 1999 on our missionary journeyings, so we've seen these before, but each time we go back our boys are older and it's like new for them.
It's a long way south, but no, we're not driving. We'll
fly to Canberra and drive another 2 hrs south to the camp.

As for the camp itself, we're not really sure what it will be like, except that there's likely to be teaching and food. From the sounds of an email we received today, it also sounds like there's going to be some serious non-scheduled time where various sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball, or even water sports could be on the cards. There might even be some wildflowers to see.

One part of me is excited about this adventure. It's a great opportunity to see people we haven't seen for ages and to get to know this church better. Plus, I've never been this close to Australia's highest mountain (though it will be 60km away).

The second part of me is feeling tired and wondering if I'll last the distance.

Then the third part is reminding me that God is my strength, I'm not in this alone.

Psalm 28:7:
The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him (NIV).

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