16 March, 2015

So, how was your weekend?

I'm really slipping here! Daily blog writing is my goal, but with the way things are for our family right now, it isn't working out that way. Perhaps when we get back to a more normal routine in Japan in August?

Anyways, our weekend was like this:

Morning: Wrestling training for the boys. Gym work for us.
Afternoon: Cricket. Yes, finally got to see some live cricket. 
Evening: Pushing a boy through an assignment

Morning: Church, our home church.
Afternoon: Nothing! We rested, played computer games, ate. Nothing else.
Evening: David and I had an at-home date.

By last night I was feeling pretty rested. Yep, it was a good weekend. Here are some more details.

We watched a couple of hours of two state teams playing one another in a first class (4 day) match. Queensland vs South Australia. It wasn't highly exciting, but unexpectedly relaxing. Great to have actually been inside a stadium while someone's playing. I loved it.

The most stressful thing was that I had a mild headache through the afternoon and then we had public transport woes on the way home. What should have taken one hour, took two and we were all a bit disgusted by that. Not entirely the fault of the public transport (they did have electricity out on our train line), in the heat of the moment we impulsively made decisions that seemed okay at the time, but turned out to be bad.

David noted as we neared home that it had been great to get out and do something just for fun. Just for us. So much of what we do socially is purposeful, it's because of our job that we're catching up with people, having them over, talking, talking, talking. Sounds a bit cold, but it's true. If we were just here long term, we'd see people, but not so many in such a short period of time. It's been intense. So going to the cricket was just for us and it was super!

Yep, still struggling with that boy (see here). The school is working with us and we've sought some professional help that hopefully will help him get some better coping strategies for the future. So I'm feeling more hopeful, but it is still hard. Great to know that lots of people are praying for us all.

Being back at our home church was great. We'd only been away one weekend, but it felt longer. We just feel comfortable and accepted there. Not as if we have a special label on our heads. We can relax.

Plus, people told us they were praying for us. That is something I struggle with in Japan sometimes, not knowing if people are praying, so it's encouraging to hear it face-to-face.

Doing Nothing
Coming home after church and eating lunch with just us. Then blobbing for the whole afternoon followed by another meal with just us. That was awesome and happens all too rarely at present.

At-home Date
Well you don't need the details of that, but, like the cricket, it was nice to just kick back and do fun stuff. Many of our evenings have been busy out (including youth group, wrestling, meetings, Bible studies etc), even the ones at home we've been helping our son with assignment work. So Sunday night was good.

I continue to be thankful for the many blessings and am trying to rely on God my Rock for strength every day.

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