25 March, 2015

Super sized weekend

The weekend turned out to be another super duper one. I won't bore you with the details, here's a summary:
  • We went to Toowoomba, the place of my birth and where my parents and one of my sisters lives.
  • While there we saw David's sister who was showing her alpacas at the Toowoomba show.
  • My parents we on a steam-train journey for the weekend. When I dropped them off at the station on Saturday morning I got to see the train.
  • I had a morning-tea birthday party with my two sisters, one of whom had a birthday. Six of our nine children were there too. It's the first time in many years that I've been with my sister on her birthday and seen her open her gifts. Such a blessing.
    Yummy homemade ice-cream cake (I didn't make it).
  • We went to the Toowoomba show on its last afternoon. Bad decision. Many of the exhibits, especially the animals, were already packed up.
  • We were ambushed by a sizeable storm while we were at the show. Thankfully we found shelter, but when all the evening entertainment was cancelled we decided to cut our losses and go home. Walking through the rain to the car pretty much saturated us. (We had no umbrellas, who carries umbrellas in Queensland?) When we got back to mum and dad's house we found all the power points were out (rang the electrician and owner: dad, who got us fixed up super quick).
  • Sunday morning we visited another supporting church. We're getting pretty tired of doing this, but it was a good visit nonetheless. One boy asked, "How many times have you told that tsunami story?" Yep, we're getting tired of telling the same stories.
  • It didn't take us long to get home (just over an hour) and we had a quiet afternoon. I'm thankful for that after a crazy social weekend.
This was one exhibit that was still open: the model trains.
Amazing attention to detail. The club has their own building
on the show ground property.

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