17 March, 2015

What sort of sushi is that?

I've been quite disappointed at Australian sushi rolls or makisushi. We haven't been to a sushi restaurant (we like sushi, but not those with raw fish or fish eggs etc), but there are plenty of "fast food" outlets in shopping centres selling them.

First it is hard to decide which who choose, because the fillings are unfamiliar. They're not traditional at all.
Sorry for another blurry photo, my phone doesn't take good
close-up photos.
Second, the rice to content ratio is quite wrong. Some of the rolls seem to have almost no rice at all. In Japan the contents take second place to the rice.

Third, they are expensive. Up to three times more expensive than in Japan. Some of that probably comes from the excess amount of filling.

All in all, the proprietors of these chains have done what every other country does when they export a dish, they've modified it to suit Australian tastes. Western food doesn't taste the same in Japan either, except for fast food chains, like Maccas, but even then the menu is different.

These shops are very popular, though. And I can see the appeal. The serving size is small, relatively cheap compared to other takeaway food available, and relatively healthy.

So, in Australia we've tended to "eat Australian". We have the luxury to wait till we get back to the country-of-origin before indulging in Japanese food.*

*We did find one good, budget-level Japanese restaurant, but we haven't looked hard.

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