20 April, 2014

10 weeks (yes I'm counting)

10 weeks today till we fly to Australia for a year. 

How do I feel? 
This was the end of our first home assignment. This photo
brings with it all sorts of emotions. Changing countries is
just emotional!

Increasingly less able to hold "homesickness" for Australia at bay. 

Also I'm struggling to stay present here. It is all too tempting to be thinking and talking about the future all the time. I'm finding it difficult to remain motivated to do the work I still have to do. 

Practically speaking we're in pretty good shape. Knowing we won't have to pack up our whole house and move out is a big relief. 

We've also secured tickets that allow us to take 40kg each! What a luxury! That means we won't have to be posting things. It also means we need a few more bags...

I'm pinching myself a tiny bit that we're finishing up our third four-year term in Japan. I can't quote you the exact statistic, but I'm well aware that most missionaries don't last even 10 years in this country. That we're still here is amazing and only God could have done it!

I'm tired, though. I'm looking forward to that short holiday we're planning between here and there. It won't be long enough, but it will be a start. There's a tent waiting for us in Australia. I'm looking forward to sneaking away to use it. 

Meanwhile here we face a big week: Thrift Shop. Plus a birthday early next week. (My "baby's" turning nine!) Big days ahead. I've planned an easy menu for the week and I fancy it will be light-on blog-wise too. 


Deb said...

That's one VERY cute baby your cuddling in the photo. Must be hard to believe he's 9!

Deb said...

You're. Hate it when that happens.

Wendy said...

Yep, very hard. Till I remember that I can hardly remember the time when I didn't have three boys...then I just start to feel old.