24 April, 2014

High Profile Overseas Visitors

One of the pile of clothes I was working on today: these are just jackets.
While Australian news has been awash with reports about William and Kate, we have our own celebrity news here. The US President landed yesterday and is here until tomorrow. It's interesting to see the cross-cultural challenges that such visits provoke.

For example, how low should the US President bow when meeting the Japanese emperor? See this report.

How much sushi should Obama eat while dining with the Prime Minister? It's obvious from the comments that follow the article that those non-Japanese people don't understand that eating your whole meal is a high value of Japanese people. Additionally, I note that Obama did the American thing of no small talk. That isn't the Japanese way, either.

Justin Bieber has also been here this week and caused controversy, in a way that he seems to be talented at.

Thrift Shop is held in the gym, quite a large gym. This is the foyer where they
were sorting and labelling non-clothing donations yesterday.

I now need to go and chill for a little bit before bed because I'm tired, yet wound up. We're half-way through this CAJ Thrift Shop. All the preparation is done and now we're onto buying and selling. Thankfully the weather looks great and hopefully we'll have crowds of people!

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