16 April, 2014

No more karate

Just over a year ago we had a surprise entry into the karate world. Our two younger boys joined a karate club in a nearby city. My husband's faithfully ridden with them every Wednesday afternoon and I've faithfully put dinner on the table a full hour early to get them there.
When they started we had the start-up costs of their uniform. So we said they must stick at it for a year then they could decide if they wanted to give it up.
Our youngest son has been a bit challenged by the discipline required, in contrast his older brother's self-control has been rewarded by moving up several belts in just a year. 

However they've both decided to stop. I was able to watch this performance at their last training night. The four boys (all from CAJ) choose a "kata" (set series of moves) to perform for everyone and did very well.

So, for the first time in nearly five years we have no after-school extra curricular activities that we have to get them to. (Our youngest still has piano and choir, but they are at school, and don't affect me much at all, except for practises at home.) They did swimming for nearly four years, then karate. Now nothing. It feels nice, actually. A break before we go back to Australia and try out having them all involved in a wrestling club in Brisbane!

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