14 April, 2014

Photo a Day April Week 2

For anyone who didn't catch these on Facebook this week. This is a bit of fun I'm enjoying this month, responding to this photo meme.

Day 8: hobby
Cross stitch.

Day 9: dark
I can't take credit for this photo of the campfire at our recent conference. But it is a great example of how dark can highlight something beautifully. Max Oehninger was the photographer.

Day 10: my fave part of the day.
After the boys are (usually) in their rooms either sleeping, reading, or doing homework and David and I enjoy some downtime, often with an episode from a show like NCIS or Monk. 

Day 11: three of a kind
My three boys. Different, yet definitely brothers. 

Day 12: on my left
This is on my left when I'm in bed. My bedside "table". I definitely don't take it for granted because I didn't have one for the first eight years I lived in Japan. Such a useful piece of furniture, especially for one who loves to read in bed. 

Day 13: more please. 
Bad photo because these scones my husband made for afternoon tea were being eaten at quite a pace. Taking time to take a good photo would have cost me a scone!

Day 14: dirty
With less than 11 weeks till we fly back to Australia for a year, I'm very aware of how much extra cleaning this house needs before I'm happy to let someone else move in. Japanese houses are full of crazy little dust-catching ledges! The windows and walls, particularly are filthy. Thankfully the weather is warmer now, so I no longer feel like moving out of the heated living area is an endurance event. 


Christian Simple said...

So wonderful and so cute. Thanks for sharing. the family international

-J said...

Such a creative project! And I'm thinking that having to find one photo that illustrates one word would be a good project for young writers to learn how to edit and focus their thoughts.