22 April, 2014

Week 3: Photo A Day

For anyone who didn't catch these on Facebook this week. This is a bit of fun I'm enjoying this month, responding to this photo meme.

Day 15: I'm reading these. 

I'm doing some quiet reflection in my reading leading up to Easter, I'm re-reading these books off my shelf.

Day 16: my vice

I haven't been sure what to do with this topic so I looked the word up. One of its meanings is "A slight personal failing; a foible". 

So, taking a somewhat oblique view on that, here's one of mine. As a result of a disgusting slimy wet change room I was forced to use in Primary School when we had swimming lessons, I find it very difficult to tolerate walking barefoot on wet, hard surfaces in public swimming/bathing facilities. I don't have so much trouble in Japanese onsens/public baths because they are generally kept so beautifully clean. This photo is of the bathroom at one of campsites we stayed at in Hokkaido.

Day 17: something I've learned. 

This week I learned two things about papier mâché
1. It doesn't wash off clothes easily in a washing machine. In the future I would protect the floor with newspaper, not a sheet!
2. Though there is a Japanese word for it, it is relatively unknown. I base this on the discussion I had with my language exchange passengers yesterday. One is an artist and owner of a stationery store and had never heard of papier mâché, in English or Japanese.

Day 18: good
Today was far from a quiet, contemplative Good Friday. We had school this morning and a crazy-loud inside carnival at school in the early afternoon. Then we've had five boys wrestling for hours in the lounge room. I'm on my own just now and can hear joyful boy-wrestler sounds. I love this: being a mum of boys and bringing joy to other boys by gifting them with hanging with our boys here.
 In the space between all the above I've been able to reflect on what makes today "Good". Part of it is that what God's given me to do in this life suits me so well. But ultimately it is what I've taken a photo of. The knowledge that Jesus died for me and thus demonstrated his love for all people. 

Day 19: money
We have a tiny cache of international currency from our limited travels. We haven't been to all these places, so I don't know how we got everything. But in here is money from Australia, Peru, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Thailand, US, UK, NZ, Hong Kong, Singapore, Scotland and even some no-longer-used one and two cent pieces from Australia. 
What always amazes us when we go from Japan to Australia is how large and heavy Australian coins are. Thankfully it isn't necessary to carry as many coins there as it is in Japan.   

Day 20: eggs

Easter Egg Hunts are not a part of my family tradition. But our boys have enjoyed being a part of our Japanese church's giant Sunday School Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday over the last nine years. It's a big event for the church. This year they had 75 kids participate (usually under 25 attend weekly). My two older boys had the privilege of helping hide eggs. I'm so thankful to be a part of a church that holds Christ as central and doesn't hesitate to shine His light in their local community.

Day 21: close
This is how close our house is to our neighbours' house!

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