07 April, 2014

Photo a Day April

This month I'm doing the Photo a Day challenge again from here. I'm posting the photos on Facebook, but will put a summary of the week gone here, for anyone who's interested.

Day 1 photo: something purple

I'm wearing purple today, but year realised that we also have a purple hand towel in the bathroom at present this is one of my favourite colours. 

Day 2 photo: in my hand

These two flowers were given to me by my youngest son in the last day. He found the real one on the way home from school and made the other this morning. So sweet!

Day 3: shapes

Right now is Sakura season. I love the unique shape that some types of Sakura flowers have. It is a well recognised shape here in Japan. This paper cutter will cut you many paper flowers in that shape. 

Day 4: good together
This photo is a couple of years old, but we're still good together! Best "team" I've ever had the privilege of being a part of.

Day 5: not mine

This is me, but it was not my design. At our recent OMF Conference we had a fun night. We were tasked with designing an outfit for a Spring Fashion Show, using only newspaper, pink toilet paper, and tape. I volunteered to be a model and my group "went to town"! It was very funny. My own kids didn't recognise me until I was halfway down the catwalk.

Day 6: a touch of spring/autumn 

The obvious photo to include here would be a sakura (cherry blossom), but there are so many other things flowering just now, I thought I'd give some air time to another plant (though I don't know its name).

Day 7: where I'd rather be

There are lots of places I'd rather be than sitting in front of a computer today. Here's just one of them that I found as I sifted through photos for our home assignment photo album today. This is a park about 45 min drive south-west of here, Showa Memorial Park. It's beautiful at this time of year, but unfortunately we've only been there once a couple of years ago.


Geraldo Maia said...

Nice place. Beautiful photo.
Best wishes from Brazil: Geraldo

Christian Simple said...

So cute, Thanks for sharing it. God Bless! tfi the family international