14 April, 2014

Another question I've been asked recently

Have they found a replacement for my husband David's job for the time we're away? (He's a high school maths and a science teacher at the Christian Academy in Japan.) 
The straight answer is no, but the correct answer is they are covering it internally. On Saturday we had two guests for dinner, the teachers who'll be living in our house while we're away (hopefully, we're still waiting for the landlord to approve it). 

Typically conversation turned to teaching and school matters. I got the distinct impression that the headmaster has been playing a complicated slider puzzle to fill all the spots this coming school year. They don't have many new teachers coming, but there are many internal changes. That is, teachers taking different subjects and year levels than they did before. 

So no, there is no one person covering David's role, but there will be people teaching all his subjects (physics, calculus, applied maths, and, as far as I know, statistics too).

Two main thoughts
One main thought is that I'm glad I don't have to job of figuring it all out, it is very complicated!

The other thought is that I'm so grateful that things are gradually falling into place for us to leave for Australia. Praise God! There are so many bits of the puzzle for us to just move our family. I'm looking forward to seeing more bits in place as we get closer to the actual move (we booked our tickets last week and are leaving the country on June 29, eleven weeks from yesterday).