28 April, 2014

Laughter is good

We're getting more and more, "Oh, we'll miss you!" comments as our departure gets closer. I don't really like those comments, though I guess I should be happy that people will miss us. It just reminds me that our leaving will cause pain for more people than just ourselves.

This was me at our conference in March.
My team had to dress me and another team
member up for a Spring Fashion Parade.
We also played various other games.
We laughed all night long and it was fabulous.
However I one comment I received on Saturday as we packed up the gym was a surprise. A friend said, "We'll miss your sense of fun." (Or that's the essence of what she said.) 

It isn't something I thought I was known for, but it is something I really enjoy. One of the great things I enjoy about Thrift Shop is laughing with other people. I do find myself drawn to those with whom I can have a good laugh.

I've heard it said that humour is an essential characteristic for a missionary. This blogger agreed. Unfortunately our work is often too serious and we don't get many opportunities to laugh.

I appreciate it that most OMF Conferences include a Fun Night. I guess it would be easy to think that that is an optional extra, or something to help lighten the schedule load. But I think that it is a very important part of ministering to missionaries, and each of us ministering to one another. 

A couple of years ago I had a conversation at a conference with someone who was doing relief work in the disaster zone. She commented that the fun night was really good because, "There isn't much to laugh at where we are."

The benefits of laughter seem to be well documented scientifically. Check out this link.

What's made you laugh recently?

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