24 November, 2013

Photo-a-Day: Week Four

November 18: mirror. 

This is the only full-length mirror in the house. The original mirror was a present to me from my husband. No one else around here cares much what they look like head-to-foot when they're going somewhere special, but I do, so David bought it for me. This one is tethered to the wall because its predecessor was smashed when it fell down after an energetic boy running about the house ran into it. 

November 19: where I ate breakfast.

As usual, with my family at home. Unfortunately David was missing today, he had a work breakfast, but he still made school lunches and organised breakfast before he left. He's amazing!

November 20: communication

Communication is my job! Ironically it means that I spend significant hours sitting at this computer in the corner of our dining room, talking to no one. Writing, emailing, and editing: that's what I do. It adds up to a lot of communication, but often not face-to-face.

November 21: I wish I had this.

A small en suite (this is the en suite in the house we lived in for 12 months 2009-2010). Two reasons:
1. I wouldn't have to compete for the shower room with my sons.
2. It would be warmer than our breezy, cavernous shower room here.

November 22: behind

Every week a good portion of our groceries travel home behind me on my bike. 

November 23: simplicity

Hot Dogs for dinner tonight. A simple meal. 

November 24: a word. 

Now this was really hard to choose. As a writer and editor I deal with words a lot and I notice them more than the average person. 

But here is one word that captures a lot. It is a Japanese word read "eiko" and means glory. This is on my son's wrestling tracksuit pants. It comes from the CAJ wrestling team's motto: Doxa, Greek for glory, as used in the Bible. I love it that the team has this motto, but it is also really the motto for our family's lives. We're seeking to glorify God through our lives, wherever that may be. 

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