16 November, 2013

Yesterday: some odd bits

Yesterday had some unusual features. 
I think he was having trouble holding up that sheet!
Strangely enough, with long hair and a "skirt" he looked
quite graceful, must be all that sport!
Around lunch time I went to school to watch my non-theatrical oldest son perform in a play he and a small group wrote from a Greek story: Eros and Psyche. His part was Aphrodite, goddess of love! That's what happens when you don't pay enough attention to what the group is doing when their allocating parts! All the 6th and 9th graders were doing these plays. It is known fondly as "Greek Day" at CAJ, and is apparently a long-held tradition.
A tangle of bodies!
After school we walked to the doctor to get our annual flu vaccinations (all of us having varying tendencies to develop asthma). Then I walked around the block to the home of a friend of our youngest son to collect him. It was going to be a big night of boys! Our middle son also had a friend staying the night (while his mum participated in a Senior "lock in"–basically a sleep-over at school). So, we had five boys in the house last night.

We know how to look after boys: we fed them, then set them free to wrestle in the lounge room. That was quite something to see, five boys in that small space! Thankfully only one of them was "large". When they tired, we split them up for a while, then made popcorn and turned a movie on. After all that we didn't have much trouble getting them all to bed by about 9pm.

Yes, there was more wrestling this morning. And, thankfully, the weather is gorgeous today and they are old enough to be "chucked out" of the house to go and play in a nearby small park. Yay!

With two of our three boys on the introverted side of things, we don't often have guests, nor sleep-overs. So this was an unusual piece of fun. And neatly timed: November is between sporting seasons, so we didn't have to get up early this morning.

We're now back to our usual three boys again. I just gave our extroverted, thrill-seeking youngest son a "this is what life is like" talk about the mountain peaks and valleys of life. "Life isn't full of mountain peaks and after the thrill of the last 18 hours, you need to take some time to come back to a normal level of excitement." He was on the hunt for more and more excitement, but it simply wasn't going to be there!

I'm now going to bake a banana cake and try to get a troublesome sewing machine to work. My sewing project was going brilliantly, until the foot pedal on my machine stopped working last weekend. I'm on a time limit. We need these bags before we go camping in just 12 days!

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