17 November, 2013

Photo a Day: Week Three

November 11: Memories. 

This looks like a grubby pot. However it wasn't that way earlier in the year. This pot came camping with us for over two weeks during summer and got used over fires. When I look at the black smudges I remember the fun of camping, and the yummy food we cooked. 

November 12: Clouds. 

Yesterday afternoon a rain front came through and temperatures dropped dramatically. We woke up to a grim winter-like day with gray skies. I went to school, all rugged up, to help my fifth grader's class make a Pilgrim's meal (interesting). While we were outside cooking the clouds lifted and revealed some blue sky. This photo is across the playground towards the train station.

November 13: Part of Me.

My left hand. As my dominant hand, it has served me well. It also is host to a reminder of another part of me, my husband David. He gave me these rings in 1997. It is impossible to describe myself fully without reference to him these days. We are indeed two parts of a whole.

November 14: Eating. 

I'm happily eating lunch on my own today and looking at the precious sunlight shining into our dining room. The sunlight will disappear before the end of the month, the reality of crowded Tokyo in winter where neighbouring houses block sunlight, so it is precious when we have it.

November 15: in my purse.

Well, this one is a bit revealing! I presume by this prompt that she wanted the contents of my "handbag". I call my "purse" what I keep my money in. 

In any case, I've (almost) emptied my bag. The bag that goes most places with me. Any surprises? Not many. As I mostly get around on foot or on my bike, I try to carry the minimal amount with me. I did find a 10 yen coin, and a lolly (candy) wrapper. Some hair bands? I no longer have long enough hair to use them, but I have rescued a bad situation with my emergency supply at least once in the last couple of years.

Maybe you're surprised by something? For example, my Japanese "handkerchief" useful for drying hands in public restrooms, or cleaning up spills. An essential in Japan.

What else?
  • phone and purse
  • prescription sunnies
  • emergency supplies: tissues, bandaids, pain killers, asthma spray, herbal migraine fix, eye drops, alcohol cleanser, moisturiser, lip balm
  • bike, car and house keys
  • eco friendly bag, plus a small plastic bag for rubbish
  • Curves money (saving to buy in-house products)
  • pen, pencil
  • something to fiddle with if I'm stuck in a situation where I'm a bit bored, but have to look interested, and sit quietly (my secret toy).

November 16: play. 

With five boys at our house overnight, there's been plenty of wrestling-play here in the last 24 hrs. 

November 17: 5pm

I love this time of day on a Sunday. It usually involves some form of together-family recreational activity. Today my husband is playing Australian Risk (as created by my eldest son) with two of our sons. I'm sewing a new bag for our tent in the same room. Our third son periodically puts his nose into the room to check on our progress. 

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