02 November, 2013

Awesome Weekend

Honey-Ginger Biscuits aka "Stamp" Biscuits here.
Today, is the first Saturday since August that no one has had anything scheduled. Well, we did have an overnight guest who left after breakfast, but since then we've just "chilled". (Oh, I did bake some biscuits and did some cross-stitch.) Awesome!
My guys are currently playing a new board game
they got at Thrift Shop. It claims
"No Luck" is involved, so they're
quite enthusiastic about it.

We'll probably get another one next Saturday (shhhh, don't tell anyone), and then no more until mid December! Oh, we do have a family camping trip at the end of the month, I guess that kind-of counts.

These down-times are precious.

Yesterday afternoon the Wrestling Season started. Well, the team began official practices. Meets start in about a month. Apparently there was a large turn out of guys wanting to join the team, so there's quite a buzz going. Our son, of course, is very happy. He was sad when the season finished in February. One sadness was that the only place he got to wrestle with people the same weight as him was at meets (our middle school team was so small that there was no one else his size). Now, with all the new additions to the team, plus our son's growth, it looks like he'll have a lot of people his size to wrestle with on a daily basis!

Last night we also managed to have a date night. Our friend and colleague who stayed overnight, volunteered to look after the boys while we went out. We let them go to McDonalds and we went exploring the new local shopping centre (Aeon Mall). We found a nice Chinese restaurant (a bit more upmarket than the Australian country-town Chinese restaurant) for mains and Italian gelato for dessert. It was a lovely slow-paced evening just enjoying being together. The biggest difficult was trying to figure out how to eat crab legs covered in breading and chilli sauce, but un-shelled. And with only chopsticks as our tools. It wasn't a pretty sight, but it was tasty. In the future, though, I think shelled would be preferable.

I'm having a lovely weekend so far. How's yours going?


Sarah said...

Oh I love quiet days like that! I think I'll be having a few of them soon because harvest is starting and Duncan will be working long hours. It's a good excuse to stay at home and not do much...I'm too exhausted from being like a single mum during these months to do much anyway.

-J said...

"These down-times are precious." Couldn't agree more! We're having a slow-paced Saturday morning for the first time in months, as some recent rains are keeping Jim out of the fields. I can see the finish line of Harvest 2013 and am. so. very. ready!

Wendy said...

Thanks Sarah and J, both farmer's wives in opposite hemispheres, but both looking at harvest-time. Fascinating.