15 November, 2013

My "baby"

One page in this small calendar. I love
the green theme of this page!
One of the great things about being an editor and writer is that you get to hold the product of your work in your hand. This week I got to take this calendar home, with the satisfaction that "I did it!"

It is an annual project that I put together for OMF missionaries in Japan, especially for their use as gifts for supporters back home. It's a little project, but very satisfying.

Strangely enough I wrote a post on the same topic this same day (15th Nov.) last year!

On the other hand, what is strange as an editor or writer is seeing people looking at or reading "your baby" without them realising that it is "yours".

Is this something you've experienced? Someone enjoying your "baby" without realising your relationship to it?


simone r said...

All the time.

-J said...

This month is our church's month-long missions conference. I was on the planning team and had one small role, which I changed from the way it had been done in the past. The jury is still out (and the month is not over), but I have experienced joy, delight, fear, and defensiveness, as my ideas and suggestions have become reality.

Ken Rolph said...

1966. A bunch of us had produced a school magazine of a comic nature. We had it professional printed and sold it for sixpence to cover costs. During recess I was up on the second level of the school looking down at the quadrangle. There were groups of students all reading our magazine, laughing and commenting.

I think that day my fate as a writer was sealed. We didn't have names of the staff on our magazine, although individual writers did. It wasn't the fame I was after, but the reactions of readers.

2011. I waited for the truck to deliver the copies of Dog Tales to my home. Now retired I no longer had a factory and forklift, so it had to be unloaded by hand. After the truck had gone I opened a box and took out a copy. I riffled it under my nose so I could smell the fresh printers ink.

2013. Dog Tales went out into the universe as an ebook. Nothing happened. I felt nothing. I sort of did hold the Kindle in my hands and look at it, but it's not the same.