14 November, 2013

Not on the clock?

Screen shot of "Project Time Log"
I'm busy writing and editing today. I've mentioned here before that I'm on the look out for someone who can take over this Managing Editor's job while we're in Australia from June next year. People keep asking me how many hours a week the job takes.

Trouble is, I'm not on the clock. I'm not paid, and therefore don't clock in or out. In fact my usual modus operandi is to sit at this computer and work on several different things at (almost) the same time.
I can go from writing a prayer letter, to answering an email about the magazine, to checking a fact for an article, to answering an enquiry from the OMF website, to answering an email about another publishing project, to jotting down an idea for a blog post, and back to writing the prayer letter. In the middle there (if I'm being very naughty and disorganised), I could drop by Facebook. But I try not to! 
Does that sound a little ADHDish? I suspect I'm not the only person who works this way.

So from today I'm trying to monitor my hours spent on the magazine, we'll see how long I manage it for. I've found a iPhone app called "Project Time Log" that keeps a track of my time (as long as I press start on the timer). So far today I've spent (approximately) 1 hr 31 minutes and 24 seconds on the magazine. We'll see how long this diligence lasts! It does mean that I can't easily flit between the magazine work and other work, because that means fiddling with my phone. Maybe it'll help me be more focused.

In other news, we're getting a wrestling buzz going here. Focused training began more than
a week ago at school. The high schoolers train for more than two hours a day, five days a week. Even though our high schooler's been training on and off through the summer, he's been feeling sore. He even managed to score a bruised eye socket by kneeing himself in the eye. No lasting harm done. Don't ask how he did it (he couldn't even explain). When these guys get going there can be a serious tangling of limbs!

The first meet is on Dec 3 and I'm hoping to be able to go. The big talk amongst the wrestlers is the weight category that they want to be in by the time the season starts. For some of them that means losing weight! It seems a bit crazy to us: these fit teenagers don't have much extra on them. Some of them are still growing, and even those that aren't are still becoming men: more dense than they were last year. We'll see what happens.

In any case, the wrestling buzz is going off in our house, and the guys love to wrestle in our lounge room after dinner before going to bed. Tomorrow night our youngest son has his first over-night guest. I'm thinking that there might be more wrestling than usual going on tomorrow!

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