03 June, 2012

Change looms

We're standing on the cusp of change again.

Change from school days to holidays. From "Mum does her non-family work while everyone is at school" to "Mum fighting to squeeze her work into any moment she can." From the boys getting rid of their energy at school to it being our responsibility to do it. From our days and weeks being structured to almost no structure.

Change from being well settled in a comfortable routine and house, to trotting around different people's houses in Australia and with no routine of our own.

Change from being a self-contained family with no extended family in the country to being in close proximity to family.

Change from being in Japan and being the ignorant foreigner and the minority of a minority (see here), to bring amongst Australians, yet not bring 100% Australian anymore. From having to explain Australia to others to explaining Japan to Australians.

Change from being with people who've only known us for a few years, to being with people who've known us for decades.

Change from weather that is increasingly getting hotter, to weather that is getting chillier (though not as chilly as the winter we've just had).

Yes, we're only going on holidays for five weeks, but it involves upheaval greater than many people have on their annual holidays. I'm not sure I like it, even though I am a willing volunteer, and was instrumental in organising much of it. I'm excited about some of it, and not excited about other bits.

Change isn't that fun in our house. I know that just the change from being at school to the boys being at home will be fraught with stress. Chuck in everything else that is coming up, and I'm apprehensive.

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Karen said...

Yeah, I guess it's a bit different to heading off to the beach for a week away...
Good to hear you have some family time planned though on your Uluru trip. Will pray that things go smoothly in the lead-up and during the time itself.