04 June, 2012

Drowning, just a little bit

I'm drowning a little bit in the sea of things to do this week.

  1. This Friday is the deadline for all the content for this coming issue of the Japan Harvest magazine is due to our production editor/designer for placing into layout.
  2. The OMF Japan prayer calendar that I produce is also due at the publisher as soon as I can finalise the details (i.e. in the next week).
  3. I have lots of last-week-of-school emails turning up. You know, "We've decided to do a special book for the teachers, please have your child draw an amazing multi-coloured picture with some special words of thanks for the teacher and have it to us yesterday." (I exaggerate, but you get the idea.)
  4. There are some details we're sorting out about our Australian holidays still, like "Please prepare to speak to our church for 10 minutes on . . . ", and the more mundane, like, "How will we get from the airport to our accommodation and car?" and "What will we feel like doing that first day back (after an overnight flight), with family members who are planning to meet us?"
  5. I've ended up with the responsibility of getting appropriate music and word books for our Japan Headquarters prayer meetings (it is a bit outdated at present). It basically requires some internet searching, as we're pretty much decided what to buy. 
  6. Kid's Musings is our quarterly Kid's News/Prayer letter. It is due out in June. Topic: Japan's climate.
  7. I've got a number of other "managing editor" type things to do, but I suspect that they're going to get relegated to a "later" list. Things like:
    • job description for the News Editor that I'd like to recruit
    • work on content of a Writer's Workshop that I'm running in October
    • planning a planning meeting for the magazine in September
    • editing some article for the autumn/fall edition before we leave at the end of the month
    • finishing the four-year survey of past issues that I started months ago...
Oh, and did I mention that the boys don't have school tomorrow? And then they have just 2.5 days left after that . . .

But just now I have a dinner to organise for my hungry family. So thankful for a slow cooker (I've been out at a prayer meeting all day). The turkey legs have been cooked and I just need to reheat some rice and cook some veggies. Back to my "list" later.

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