29 June, 2012

In transit

So, we're on the "road". We've been moving since 9 this morning and we've only gotten as far as Seoul so far (it's 6.30 Japan time, 7.30 Queensland time). In a couple of hours we'll board our overnight flight back to Brisbane.

But I'm already tired, it'll be pretty bad by tomorrow morning when we land. I've no idea how people fly halfway around the world, that sounds extremely exhausting. Thankfully we found some free lounges and are lounging.

There really isn't much to do for older boys.
Shopping? No.
Little kids playgrounds? No.
Sipping coffee in a cafe? No.
Walking in crowds with wheels luggage holders? Yes, but dangerous.
Other moving transports like moving walkways? Yes, but it gets boring and dangerous.

So, we're holed up "resting" with the boys trying to concentrate on whatever they brought in their backpacks. But they really are restless, tired but lacking in concentration.

There is nothing else much notable about today really. It has been a very smooth journey. I'm so glad to have slightly older kids. The last time we travelled overseas a family was two years ago. Two years makes a difference.

Hopefully our family and friends won't be too shocked by the changes. Oh and my hair. Everyone I know in Japan has gotten used to my short hair, but now I have to do the Australian rounds.

So, next stop: Australia!

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Sandy said...

I love the Seoul airport! We've sat in that lounge while waiting to get to China. Best wishes for a good flight.