08 June, 2012

Crazy Day

Today is a crazy day, last day of school. Elementary parties and so on until lunch time dismissal. Then I'm heading off to someone's apartment for a bring and share lunch with the two younger boys. Eldest is going with mates to a friend's birthday party. Hopefully we'll all get back together for dinner at 5.30, then off to CAJ's senior graduation, which is a really big deal in the school calendar. Also two of our mission's kids (I should say young men: they are miles taller than I) are graduating. The two younger ones are going to someone's apartment to watch Japan play Yemen in soccer and I guess we'll all get back together again around bed time.

I might get back here today, I might not. Hopefully I can post some photos later on in the weekend.

BANG and school is over.Then it is a 77 day wait until I can send them all off again. Good thing we have a couple of things planned to pass the days . . .

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