17 June, 2012

Straddling the ocean on fathers

It's Father's Day here. Truth is, it is in my head but not in my heart.

David's early days of Fatherhood
That sounds harsh. Australians celebrate Father's Day in September, so it is hard to associate a day in June with the day. However, because we live here, not there, I'm trying to do Father's Day here for David today. And then remember to remember it in September for our own fathers in Australia.

So, it's been pretty low key here. A small present from us. And I relieved David of Sunday School teaching this morning, so he could go to church (and not have to oversea the making of his own Father's Day present). I hope he feels appreciated. We love him so much.

I saw on Facebook the other day a question about if you'd thought about what kind of father your future spouse would be before you married him. Actually David asked me to think about  whether I'd like him to be the father of my children . . . on our first date. Yes — it was a bit of a shocking first date. The sort of happy shocking that left me unable to sleep the whole night! You probably now want to know — we were engaged about 11 weeks after that first date. I've never regretted that decision. And yes, he is a wonderful father (even if he doesn't always think so himself).

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Footprints Australia said...

I always knew Lawrence would make a great father, and I was right. He just has a real father's heart, you know? Reminds me of the best Father of all!