12 June, 2012

Unlikely story

I cannot imagine training to compete in ten track events, to be performed over two days. But that is what decathletes do, and the book I've just read is by one of the best in the world. In fact in these coming Olympics he will be defending his gold medal from the Beijing Olympics.

I love biographies and really enjoy sporting biographies. And honest stories of people who've struggled with faith are the best. This has got all of that.

As a mum I also love to read stories of adults who struggled as kids, yet had praying mums and then the kids who became responsible, Jesus-following adults. There are no certainties in this life, not even with your kids. Even if I do a perfect job raising my boys, there is no certainty that they'll turn out okay. But it is always encouraging to read of a mum who did her best amidst challenging circumstances with a difficult child and see how that child turned out in the end. This is such a story.

The other exciting thing about this man is that he is genuine about his faith, and not afraid to say so about it. It isn't something we accidentally discover about him. He is up front in his book, and, it appears he is the same in his life. In fact his faith is central to everything he does, on the track and with his family too.

I'll be checking the results of the decathlon in the upcoming Olympics. If he medals in it, he will be the first ever person to win a medal in this event in three Olympics. God has indeed given him an incredible gift, and I'm so glad I got to read about his life to this point.

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Karen said...

This looks great Wendy. Thanks for the review.