15 October, 2009

Christian bookstores

I went to Koorong today. For non-Aussies, this is the largest chain of Christian book stores in Australia. It's been over two years since I visited an English Christian book store. I very quickly developed the same glazed-eye heady feeling I experienced a couple of months ago when I first visited our local library and browsed in a mainstream English bookstore. Many a bad word has been said about Koorong, but I have to say for me that is a little bit like saying to a thirsty man just back from a sojourn in the desert, "I don't like this brand of water." To have easy access to a huge range of Christian books is such a wonderful privilege. Yes, they might not have all the books that you might like them to have, but hey, there are books you can buy and read, they have music you can listen to and understand. There is material here which will nourish your soul. Praise God!

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