31 October, 2009

Japanese vending machines

I miss vending machines! Truly. In Japan and especially in Tokyo they are everywhere and very convenient. Australian drinks are so expensive compared to ones you can buy from Japanese vending machines. But drinks are not the only thing you can buy from vending machines in Japan. Check this out for an eye opening look at the variety of things you can buy.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! That would be wonderful. (And here I was thinking that the new hot drink machines that only work every other day - and don't give you back change when they don't - were a great idea.)

Barbara said...

I want to have them in Germany, too, they seem so convenient!

Shan in Japan said...

Me, too! In the US most of the time vending machines don't work. I don't understand how Japanese vending machines can always work-and be everywhere, and in the US if I find one it usually doesn't work.

I also miss convenience store onijiri and obentos!

Tim and Susan said...

Actually I like not having drink machines everywhere...then I don't have to Say "no" to the kids who are always eyeing them and wanting a drink.

Much less stress with the temptation not there.