21 October, 2009

A typical day?

This probing question was asked of us yesterday by a friend. It was hard to answer, because we don't really have typical days at the moment. Let me look back at my calendar and give you some idea of what I've been doing. Kids to school and home again. Grocery shopping and the gym. Probably these have been the most routine parts of our days, although the last two have had to be juggled to fit in in recent days. So between 9 and 2.30 I've done these things in the two and a half weeks:
  • Seen the doctor
  • Visited Koorong
  • Professional development (observing an OT treatment session)
  • Visited OMF office for more resources for deputation
  • Deputation - Japan Focus morning teas
  • Visiting with friends
  • Spent time with my mother in law
  • Lunch with husband !!!
  • Slept (after the Manila return debacle)
  • Shuffled a boy to Prep orientation day and back to PrePrep
  • Tourism (pupil free day on Monday)
  • E-mail - answered, wrote, deleted etc.
  • Blogged
  • Schedule arranging
  • Deputation planning
  • Cleaned (a little)
  • Baked
  • Wrote a prayer/newsletter
  • Miscellaneous errands like library book returns, pet shopping, banking, photocopied
  • Encouraged my husband in his assignment writing for his masters
  • Critiqued several pieces of writing for my internet critique group
  • Sought after resources on the internet for people
Is that enough? No day has been alike, except for the drop-off and pick-up times for the boys. And after all is said and done, I am still the mum of three lively boys who take up a good portion of time and energy, though thankfully not all at present. My time has been more flexible due to my husband being at home this year. It means that if I don't get to the gym in time in the morning (they are shut from 10.30 till 2.15, pretty inconvenient for school mums), I can go in the afternoon and know my kids will be taken care of. A luxury most don't have, I know. I'm enjoying it while I do! Weekends and after school has been pretty variable too. With swimming lessons, basket ball training and games, church visits, women's convention, a musical and guests for dinner three weeks running. We're keeping pretty busy. We feel it is okay to occasionally take it a little easy during the day as our weekends can be pretty crazy with work, not to mention boys.

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