26 October, 2009

Just as I thought

Sarah's name has changed. She's now known as Jessica. No reason given, his owner just decided a change was needed. She also changed shells yesterday. It is all getting rather confusing. We haven't killed any of them yet. In fact they all look distinctly happy. Just as happy as I am to hear the rolling thunder. Rain is invading my sense - I can hear and smell it. We've waited several months for beautiful soaking rain. We haven't heard it in Australia since we arrived. I miss rain. In Tokyo it rains about 122 days a year at an average of 1.5m each year. It's often wet. Wet enough that we all had our own umbrella with one or two spares. Our youngest has had an umbrella almost from when he could walk because he got dragged along on all our kindergarten drop-offs and pick-ups as well as grocery shopping without an undercover carpark. And umbrellas are just a lot less messy than raincoats when jumping in and out of cars. Japan has some very cute umbrellas for kids. One of our son's kindy friends had one which resembled a lady bug. Most Japanese have several umbrellas. A clear one for riding the bike, a tiny folded one for just-in-case days, a large one for parties, a formal looking one and probably several others! They come cheap and expensive. And they're used frequently. Here's a typical photo. Our boys are feeling the rain thing too. Our eldest said it felt like he was back in Japan this evening. Ahhh natsukashiiii! (Japanese for 'a nostalgic feeling'.)

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Ken Rolph said...

It rained in Sydney too. At least the water tanks are now full. I was inspired to get back to spring planting. I wanted to go out and put the seeds in while it was raining, but then remembered that I don't actually own a raincoat.

In Blacktown you often see umbrellas used in the streets. Mostly on very hot days to keep the sun off. I can't remember when I last owned a raincoat.