05 October, 2009

Back home

We had a bit of a nightmare trip home from Manila. The plane had a technical fault which they discovered on the tarmac in Manila. We waited in the plane on the tarmac for two hours and then in the terminal for another three and a half while they tried to fix the plane. They eventually got another plane and we took off at about 2 am, missing our connecting flight in Hong Kong. The next available flight was nearly 20 hrs later, but Cathay Pacific gave us a (really nice) hotel room and three meals while we waited. We finally landed in Brisbane at 10.15 this morning. The whole journey took 24 hrs longer than planned! And 40 hours in total. A long time to get from Manila to Brisbane. Now I'm off to bed. Here it is Monday night and I haven't had a full night sleep since Friday night. I'm pretty exhausted!

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