18 October, 2009

Busy weekend

My night was not over at the end of our Japanese evening (mind you it wasn't very Japanese, no Japanese food, for example). After that I caught a lift with a couple of our guests, over to another missionary's house on the other side of town. Why? Because she was my lift early Saturday morning to a CWCI convention (ladies only) meeting. I didn't sleep well, in a strange bed and I kept rehashing the evening. Nonetheless got up early Saturday and went to this all-day meeting. We had a couple of small speaking duties during the day, but mostly it was a time of listening to refreshing speakers - which made a nice change. Believe it or not we do get sick of hearing our own voices over and over! I also enjoyed the journey, time to chat with my friend and fellow missionary. Our lives are so different, yet we have so much in common. She and her family have spent the last 14 years working with tribal groups in the southern Philippines. It was an enjoyable time. She was also my lift home. It was a pity we couldn't stay for the weekend, but we'd already been booked to speak at a church at the opposite end of Brisbane today. Getting home was as tricky as getting there (I didn't bore you with how complicated it was to get a lift with her in the first place). My husband and the boys had their own fun yesterday. In the morning our 10 y.o. played basketball and in the afternoon/evening they went to a friend's church's outreach event, including face painting and a bouncing castle. Then they had to drive to the opposite side of Brisbane to pick me up. For the second day in a row our boys got to bed late. This morning we got up at the usual time, but drove an hour north to speak at a supporting church. A busy morning. From setting up at the start, then doing a children's talk, a mission spot and David preaching. Then we talked casually to folk for more than an hour afterwards over lunch, is it any wonder that I slept for an hour after we got home? Actually this weekend has been so full that I have plenty of blogging material for the days to come, including the interesting/stupid questions of the weekend. :) Right now these over tired parents are trying to get extra tired boys through the dinner-bedtime routine. (Actually I'm taking a break so that I don't totally blow my top...)

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