16 October, 2009

Focussing on Japan tonight

We are trying something different. Many of our supporters are individuals spread all over Brisbane and surrounding areas. It is difficult to see everyone and not everyone can invite us to their church or home. So we're trying inviting groups of people to our house. A couple of months ago we sent out invitations to more than twenty people setting out some dates we were available. Times varied from week-day morning teas to a Friday night. Not many people replied, but tonight we have eight people (and one baby) coming for a bring and share dinner and then some relatively informal time to interact with them about our time in Japan. None of them have met before, as far as we know. We're hoping it'll go well. Using our own home makes some things easier, some things harder. It means we have to do some (limited) amount of housework, coordinate food a little and generally try to be good hosts. Integrating our kids into whatever we're doing is an ongoing challenge. At least here we can put them to bed (if they'll settle). Tonight we're going to get them to help us make some Sumo Origami and then hopefully entice them to bed. At least tomorrow is the weekend. Here's a question for you. If a missionary you supported invited you to their home, what would you like the see, hear or do? If we invited you to our home, what would you be interested in? You'd have to bone up on good questions :-)

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Tim and Susan said...

Good articles Wendy. Sorry about the pet problem...We broke down and got a dog 3 years ago...hope we can bring him back to humid, rainy, crowded Tokyo.

Liked the differences article...helps you pin-point we are filled with culture-stress, huh?

Hope you have a good turn out with people coming over. We have tried to do group gatherings too, but people are busy and it's hard to get them to commit sometimes I think. At least you are giving them a chance to connect with you, though.