21 June, 2016

Yesterday did me in

A lot happened yesterday. We left home a bit before 7 am and arrived at our conference hotel just southwest of Sapporo at 3 pm. In between that was three squishy trains in Tokyo peak hour (quite a drama with luggage and teenage boys who aren't used to so much personal space invasion), one plane, and a chartered bus. Then we had meetings from 4 till 9, with a break for dinner. It's already a bit of a blur! In the middle of that I also had two music practices and a mobilisation table to help set up and announce. 

It's no wonder to me now that I developed a headache in the afternoon that "turned into" a stomach migraine by 8.30. Sleep fixed me up on that front and I feel fine today, thankfully. 

I like the idea of travel, but I really am not the world's best traveller, it messes with my wellbeing. 

Conference days are good, but busy, with meetings from morning to night. Just now we're squeezing in a short rest between lunch and the start of the afternoon meetings. 

I am particularly looking forward to relaxing in a Japanese bath (see here) this evening after the programme is over for the day. 

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