26 June, 2016

Post conference exhaustion

Wednesday during free time at conference, I walked to the
 "coffee shop on a cliff" and we were rewarded with a
delightful time of chatting with this view in the background.
Conference was tiring. I always look forward to these events, but the exhaustion caused by conferences continues to slip my mind a little. Exhaustion was compounded, of course, by the trip home on Friday night. 

Thankfully we've had a pretty quiet weekend. I was even tired enough to have a nap for an hour and a half this afternoon. For those of you with little kids, I'm at a stage of life where it's not always the case that I'm so tired that I could sleep just any day, so being able to sleep is a sign I'm pretty tired.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the list of things I need to do (or potentially need to do) in the next few days before we leave for our camping trip. But I'm trying to stick with the strategy of just doing the next thing.

My list includes the following:
  • mend tent bag
  • work on camping list
  • get eldest son's shoes mended
  • write a prayer letter
  • digest my new camera's manual
  • do a critique for one of my writing partners
  • help clean a friend's apartment
  • a meeting to reorganise sign storage system for CAJ's Thrift Shop
  • a visa run to pick up our visas
  • new friends for lunch
  • language exchange afternoon tea
And the biggest item on my to-do list:
  • Do as much work on magazine editing as I can before we go (I've got three magazines on the go at different stages at present, so this point includes proofreading checks, checking edited articles with authors, plus answering questions from editors, writers, and designers.) Unfortunately this won't get finished to a point where I can walk away for the 15 days of our trip, so the computer will be packed too, though hopefully I'll be able to do just minimal work while we're away.

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