28 June, 2016

On this week

One feature I've been enjoying recently on Facebook is called "On this Day". It lists all the posts you've done on this day throughout your history with Facebook. Periodically it recalls a significant memory that I'd forgotten, or didn't know the exact date of.
July 4 2013: This was taken in the park we camped in in
Wakkanai, the northern most city in Japan.

It turns out that this last week of June has been a significant week for a number of years for us. Not because of birthdays or anniversaries, but mostly because of school holidays and large transitions.

Here are a few things that have happened this week over the last ten years:

2015: Last year we flew back to Japan after a year in Australia this week (actually today).

2014: We flew to Australia from Japan for a year (tomorrow).

2013: We finished our national mission conference in Hokkaido and began our memorable camping tour around northern Hokkaido.

2012: We few to Australia for a holiday that included a road trip to Uluru (Ayres Rock) (tomorrow).

2011: We were hosting friends from Brisbane for a fortnight, giving them something of Japan experience on their holidays.

2010: We were preparing to return to Japan after a year's home assignment in Australia.

2009: We were preparing to fly to Australia for a year.

2008: This was a stay-at-home-in-Tokyo year (we had 3, 5, and 9 year olds). But we did discover on this day that our middle son had chicken pox, which he kindly shared with his brothers over the coming weeks.

2007: This was an uneventful week in 2007. We did fly to Hokkaido early in June for the national conference, and then flew to Australia later in July for a holiday and Wendy stayed on with the boys into September for her sister's wedding.

2006: I went to Sapporo for a language refresher (2nd July) and the family followed a couple of weeks later on the car ferry.

You certainly couldn't say we've had a dull decade!

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