29 June, 2016

Mobilising people for mission

I wrote some time ago about putting together a mobilisation table for this conference. Here is what it ended up looking like with the help of a creative colleague's input:

We've gathered names of people willing to write stories for our OMF Japan website as well as the addresses of those who are blogging. We sold some books: "31 Days of Prayer for Japan" and got expressions of interest in ordering a prayer calendar that I produce. Plus we had some mobilising ideas in the form of prayer cards and photo albums and ideas written up on the "seed pods". One of my ideas didn't work (a competition to design mobilising bookmarks or postcards), but we'll give it a go again later in the year, just that voting will be by email rather than in person.

I'd say it was a success. I think it is something we should do regularly at conferences: sharing ideas on how we can do this challenging job of mobilising people to serve/pray/support missions.

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