22 June, 2016

Where are you staying?

The last 24 hours have been better. I got rest yesterday afternoon and evening (skipped out on some of the programme, but shhh, don't tell anyone). I also slept better last night, though I did go to bed with a headache. I've had better conversations today, too, life-giving conversations rather than the other kind. 

This hotel is in a hot springs area (Jozankei) and is situated in a green valley and makes great use of that. You can see green from most windows. The dining room, especially. I love it.

The dining room is two stories high with windows from floor to ceiling along two of the four sides. 

This was taken from our table at lunch down to the adjacent river. 

The top large windows here are the dining room. Directly underneath is the indoor water park. Our boys spent several hours there yesterday. 

The view from my bed!

I'll take some internal photos at the hotel to show you tomorrow and maybe you can help me with words to describe the decor, however here is one of the more tasteful decorations (in one of the restrooms). 

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Caroline said...

The decor sounds intriguing!