16 June, 2016

Hydrangea season

It's hydrangea season. A local friend noted the other day that the hydrangeas seem to be even more glorious than usual. I'm not sure, but they certainly are amazing. I rode along the river earlier today and stopped multiple times to take photos with my iPhone (for this post). Just look at the variety and depth of colour!

They're everywhere. Alone like this.
In flower beds beside buildings (all the flowers in this photo are hydrangeas, just down the road from our house).

And crowded between houses and the bike path alongside the river.

Japanese shops do seasonal decorating. A couple of months ago it was cherry blossoms. Now it's hydrangeas.

It makes me feel better for how I ended up dressed today. It wasn't raining when I left, so I threw my "rain pants" into my bag. I put them on on my journey home because it started drizzling. But I ended up looking a bit like a hydrangea myself!

1 comment:

Hillary said...

Beautiful collage!! I love hydrangea so much but didn't realize just how much until I moved to Japan!
Thanks for sharing the beauty!