11 June, 2016

Photography school

I didn't sign up with a friend, but found a friend was there anyway. This 
lady is one of the few southern-hemisphere mums around at CAJ, 
she's South African.
Today I did something fun, I started a photography course. It's part of the school's summer school and open to adults as well as students. It runs for three Saturdays and is mostly practical: learn by doing, my favourite mode of learning. 
All the numbers and terms are complicated! Though I'm 

reassured that once you've done it for a while it becomes
second nature!
I've been interested in photography for a long time but never found a way to learn much. It's not something easily learned from a book and I've been reluctant to buy an expensive camera to "play around with". We were able to use school cameras for this course and being a small group of seven students gave us premium access to a patient teacher.

Bonus was that we practised at my favourite big park (but I didn't ride my bike there). We went into a section of the park that I've never been into before: an Open Air Architecture museum. At least two of my sons have had school excursions there, but I've never gone. Almost every time I've ridden down there I've ridden past, though. Because it costs a little I haven't been persuaded to go inside until today. Ironically I've got practically no photos because it just didn't seem right to be pulling out my iPhone to snap shots when I had this big camera in my hands. And I had to leave "my" camera with its STD card full of photos at school at the end of the day. 

Now the only other problem is that I don't have much to practise with at home. Christmas present, anyone?

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