22 May, 2015

Transition: an unfinished jigsaw puzzle

Transition is like a jigsaw puzzle that isn't complete until the transition is over.

Coming back to Australia for home assignment these last two times we've not had a car until almost the last minute. Second time we came back we didn't have a house until days before we arrived.

This time we're doing quite well in this department, things are falling into place well. It helps a lot that we've had house-sitters in Japan (who've paid rent) and we'll be able to move back into the same house with only a little bit of furniture moving and sorting out. We also will have a car waiting for us as we lent our car to some new missionaries for the year. We're so thankful for these provisions!

The one biggish piece of the jigsaw that hasn't been discovered yet is a place to stay for three or four nights in our local area in Australia while we finish up at the house. We're praying and waiting.

This is part of the emotional rollercoaster of transition. The agony of waiting and the thrill of jigsaw pieces falling into place. The challenge of not being as in control as you'd like to be! It's hard not to feel anxious.

This article is where I borrowed the analogy from, you might like to have a read.

At times like these I'm glad I had prior experience in these big transitions. Not only do I continue to pray and remind myself of God's faithfulness, as he promises in his Word. But I remind myself of how he's specifically put pieces into place for us in the past. For example, those two cars that were provided for us for our times in Australia!

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