13 May, 2015

Quirky bag a new favourite

We've had a few big days recently, catching up with more people, as well as continuing to tick off the boxes of things that need doing. Tomorrow I'll tell you about our debrief with the psychologist, well I won't tell you everything, but just a bit.

In the meantime here's a light post that won't take much to write (or read).

A couple of weeks ago I met a friend at a local cafe, it is run by the Salvation Army and next door to the cafe is a second-hand shop. After a delightful catch-up time I slipped over to quickly browse their current stock. 

This was an unexpected find, but I'm loving my new $5 bag! I can't tell if someone's made it out of a denim skirt, or if it was manufactured to be a bag. It looks like a legitimate skirt, in that it even has a size tag inside the band. The pockets are handy and the shoulder straps are a perfect length.

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