26 May, 2015

Minister of toilets

This was the toilet in our old house, obviously
when I still had little boys (note the covered
small toilet seat). A cool feature of many
Japanese toilets is that you can wash your
hands with the water filling up the cistern
for the next flush.
Today we did our third last deputation meeting: a teacher from our church invited us to take her Yr 11 Bible class at a local Christian school. One of the things we did with them we call "The Toilet Game". It involves people having to decide which toilet to use based on the sign out the front, in languages they don't know.

Inevitably people get it wrong and it is a lot of fun in a crowd.

Toilets are in the news in Japan, it seems, just now. You've probably heard about amazing Japanese toilets: warm seats, bidet functions, and a number of other functions designed for your toiletting comfort. But not all Japanese toilets are like that. 

In fact public toilets can be a bit of a mess, just like they can be in Australia. There are still many squat toilets, especially public restrooms in places like parks and these seem to get dirtier than most . . . people can't aim well enough? 

But it seems that now a female politician has her sights on improving the state of Japan's public loos. See the article here.

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