09 May, 2015

Unexpected meal-time conversation

Last week we had a real meal-table conversation that didn't include bodily functions or computer games, or any other boy-type conversation. 

It was so unusual that our eldest son walked away from the meal saying, "That was weird!" 

I walked away thinking, That was awesome, maybe they're even getting the whole concept of conversation. 
Conversation around the table, not as easy as you
might think, when you're the only girl in the family.

When I found out the new princess' name before breakfast the other day, I took it to the breakfast table with me. We talked about those names, as well as their own names, family names that we could have called our boys, etc. For the entire meal (all of about 10 minutes, because these are teenage boys who eat breakfast fast).

Here are some other conversations with the boys from a couple of years ago. It's interesting to go back and read these. This post included one that will make you giggle. (Hint: where do young boys think that women get their shape from?)

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