21 May, 2015

Multiple emotion days

I saw this today on someone's Facebook page. It was contrasting men and women, but that's not why I put it here. 
I'm usually fairly steady in the emotion department. But it's in these times of transition that I experience more strong emotions over the course of a day than usual. Add to that a teenager who's struggling with assignments, a husband who's away, and a bit of illness and you end up with days like this.

I'm coping okay, but reminding myself that this is normal (if uncomfortable).

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R.Y. said...

feeling very much with you just now as we have to find/decide on a new place to move to after just feeling really settled and a t home one year after coming back....
plus things needing much attention in church here, 'home' in UK/GER etc..... Lets pray that HIS peace will fill our hearts and calm our minds. with love from Japan.