29 May, 2015

Transition mantras

I'm periodically feeling overwhelmed at all we've got to do before we leave in four weeks and two days. Contrary to what you might think, packing is only a small concern. We're doing things like:

  • supporting two high schoolers through assignments they're struggling with
    Sometimes during transition I feel as unsettled as waves
    on the beach. Constantly astir, never settled, not able
    to settle and somewhat unpredictable.
  • getting last minute medical stuff done
  • organising travel insurance 
  • renewing drivers licence
  • selling stuff we don't want to store
  • sorting stuff we do want to store
  • celebrating a boy's birthday
  • organising things to be ready at the other end (car, internet, phones, holidays before school starts in August etc.)
  • organising final meetings with individuals
Ongoing ministry things like:
  • answering email
  • writing prayer letters
  • writing articles for magazines
  • absorbing information about OMF Japan's restructure (taking effect Monday)
And daily life things like:
  • grocery shopping
  • cooking meals
  • taking boys to school, youth group, wrestling, exams
  • physio
  • helping friends
  • deciding if boys can attend various events

Here's a post about 10 things to tell yourself during transition I came across a while ago, if only I can pay attention to some of the good advice. Here are her headings (slightly edited):

  1. Breathe and push forward.
  2. Ask for help.
  3. See how much you feel your need for God right now? (That's good.)
  4. Transition = Transformation (even when it just feels like chaos)
  5. Your emotions are like concentrated lemonade (Ed: yes, a bit of an American analogy, an Australian might say unsweetened lemon cordial).
  6. Stop and connect
  7. Believe God will be enough.
  8. You will stumble and flop, and that's okay.
  9. Transition, like birth, is the beginning of both joy and challenge.
  10. Take every fear and fret, every hope and dream, and turn it into a prayer.

At the moment I'm just trying to breathe. This weekend is a bit crazy. We've got an interclass wrestling tournament at Lang Park, a trip to Toowoomba, birthday celebration with my parents for our eldest who's turned 16 this week, 25th school reunion, final speaking engagement at the church I grew up in, and a "see you later" lunch with good friends. 

Yep, emotions will be potentially a bit out of shape in all that too. But it is our last weekend away. Hopefully things will slow a little in June, with no more overnights planned until we fly on the 28th.

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