13 August, 2014

A great day

Today was a full day. At 9am we took off for an all morning OMF prayer meeting, with two of the boys in tow. It was a public holiday for the Brisbane Exhibition (and I don't know what the equivalent of that is for my international readers). We left our 15 y.o. at home to work on an assignment.

Anna, who was my matron of honour nearly 17 years ago.
This was more than your regular prayer meeting. Many people attending who've seen us go from raw recruits to mission in the late '90s (and even short termers in '93/'94) and who have prayed for us faithfully. Most we haven't seen for more than four years, so there were many hugs and greetings. Much encouragement and many comprehending questions.

Despite only seeing them every four or five years, these kids
still count us as their friends.
I love it! It's almost like they're cousins!
We also had half an hour to speak about our last four years, including time to pray. This was our first official speaking opportunity this home assignment and so it was a good "safe" environment for getting back on the public speaking trail.

After a hurried lunch we dashed home in time to meet a very good friend (my Matron of Honour) and several of her children for a couple of hours fun. Her husband (David's Best Man) is a chaplain in the military and so we are blessed that they are stationed near here during this home assignment. They were nearby during our last home assignment too. In the meantime they were in Darwin, so we are very thankful.
They have four boys, added to our three and you
have quite a crowd, but lots of fun!

It's been great to have a good day after a few emotionally volatile ones. People ask how we're adjusting and it seems to have been going well, but then we've had some down days as a family. So I guess the best I can say is, it is still a little bit of a roller coaster.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to be near enough to 'pop in' for an afternoon. :-) Anna