05 August, 2014

Photos and a yucky surprise

Just wanted to share some photos with you today (especially as the computer and Blogger are cooperating with me on this front).

Today we've been working outside. This patio is at the back of our house and is very private. It's sheltered and well lit by the sun at this time of year. It is the best place for internet too. We're still waiting on connection to the network and are meanwhile reliant on mobile internet (maybe our wait will be over tomorrow). Additionally, it is simply warmer (about 5C warmer here than inside) and more beautiful here. 

What are we working on? Deputation plans. We have various speaking opportunities coming up. 30 minutes here, 40 minutes there, 6 minutes somewhere else. All these need planning and putting together. These earliest ones are the hardest as we've not road tested any of this term's stories yet. Next April/May our planning will probably exist as a short conversation: "Which stories will we do tomorrow?" "Hats, Wrestling, Mrs M, and March11 okay?" "Sure, let's go."
Outside is brilliant too, because we've got large trees and many bushes close by. Lots of bird noises. We were visited by four kookaburras too. This one on the fence was only about 10 metres from where we were sitting.

And I want to show you the photos I was trying to upload for my blog about the weekend yesterday. These two are from UQ. Yes, David and I went to uni "in a park", or at least that's what it seems to our eyes today.
Wattle: Australia's national flower and where our national
colours come from.
Gum leaves with the lake and fountain in the background.
Alas my degree never brought me to this part of the campus,
so I rarely got to enjoy this.
But just in case you think life's been all joy, here's a little fellow I found . . . in my muesli the other day. I didn't appreciate finding him there, especially as it was muesli that I'd been eating for several weeks. We bought it at a large grocery store in Cairns the day we arrived in the country and the packet is long gone: no one to complain to! Thankfully though, I've not suffered any ill effects. I'm sure there are people in the world who would have thought they'd found a treasure.

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